valonqvr: How important are the degrees of the planets in a birth chart, does a lower number vs a higher number in degrees mean anything? I love your blog, it's my favorite astrology one c:


thank you lovely. The degrees pretty much highlight the aspect the planet is sitting on, so it represents the distance and angles from each other. 

0 degrees = conjunction (Mercury can only be a conjunct because of its small radius of orbit around the sun)

30 degrees = semi sextile 

60 degrees = sextile

90 degrees = square

120 degrees = the trine

150 degrees = quincunx 

180 degrees = the oposition (where sister signs sit)

each of these can be either harmonious or strengthening or form a dissonance; it all depends on the planet and the qualities in relation  to the aspect. I hope that made sense

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flovrishing: Oh man, us pisces sure do know how to attract the wrong people :/


#1. they are attracted to people in distress and inner chaos, people who therefore have the emotional capacity to do bad things

#2. they have an unstable sense of self so they are unsure what they even want in a relationship

#3 they are codependent and will need a relationship to feel content and will compromise their own happiness in return for having someone ‘there’ no matter how destructive

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Take note from chick-flick-cliches. Pisces love that. They love feeling like their life is a movie. So recreate scenes from their favorite rom-coms. It shows you care and it shows you pay attention. Plus, those movies know what their doing, the lovers always end up together!

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Sexuality in astrology


Earth signs, being the most attached to their physical form and desires are the most sexual in the zodiac. Ironically they typically have the smallest amount of sexual partners and usually wait to experience sex with someone that’s special  since sex and physical pleasure is so pronounced in their lives. Earth signs rule the physical aspect of sex and therefore experience the act in its entirety. Being the least verbal groups of signs many earth suns find it difficult to communicate their profound and deep sexuality. 

 Water signs are the second most sexual group in the zodiacs. Ruling emotions and romance they typically do not have huge volumes of sexual partners and prefer to engage in sex only after an emotional connection is reached. They experience sex on an emotional level and want to be sure they expose themselves to someone they deem trustworthy and worthwhile. Water signs are known for their deep sexuality but it isn’t always necessary for them in relationships like intimacy is for earth signs placing them second on the list. 

Ruling passions and conflict fire signs love to act of sex and think of it less seriously than the previous two. Many fire signs follow their passions and may have a great number of sexual partners without thinking twice about it. Because they are not as sexual as the other signs they can do this without much detriment to their sense of self. They want to share their passion with the world and their sexuality is for the taking since it is not essential to their being. 

Air signs are the least physically sexual but participate fully in the mental aspect of sex. If there is a group of sun signs with sex on their minds 24/7 it’s air signs. They love to think of sexual encounters as a game and enjoy having a variety of partners and sharing themselves with anyone they please. They are the least connected to the physical side of sex and many in fact enjoy foreplay and discussion more than the actual act. 

*these descriptions are very easily influenced by other aspects in this chart. It is general. 

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anniedancingprincess: Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon?

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is highly sociable, and one that clearly possesses a good bit of social tact. You’re a sensitive person, but you likewise have an acute sense of the other person’s feelings and sensitivities, and you therefore are a very agreeable person that avoids hurting anyone—that is until you’re opposed—and then you can get very stubborn. In other words, you are easy to get along with; you don’t impose on people, but you definitely won’t allow yourself to be imposed on either. You feel that debts have to be kept even, and even in a social sense, you don’t like to feel that you owe anyone. This may be because you are a little bit unsure of yourself, and want to make sure you say and do the right thing. This combination blends the Pisces understanding, sensitivity, and a sense of adaptability, with the practicality and determination of Taurus. The two signs blend well, and are mutually strengthening to one another. This pairing allows coexistence of an easy-going nature, yet one possessing a stability and tenacity of will not often found in the Pisces native. You have a staying power and a control over impulsiveness that allows you to take things in stride, and you seem to have a simple and efficient way of getting things done. Nonetheless, there is apt to be considerable sensitivity in your nature, and surely a great deal of feeling for things and people. This is a combination that very often produces talent in an artistic or musical sense. Both signs are creatively imaginative and suited for a career in the arts. The social attitude of this pairing provides a deep consideration of others that is very beneficial to success in a wide range of endeavors, business and professional.

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Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality blending emotional sensitivity and intuitive understanding with the Virgo traits of discrimination, intellectuality and practicability. You are at your best in mental analysis, constructive criticism and common sense decisions. Your discriminating mind tends to exert a stabilizing influence on emotional sensitivity. There is a working together of the intuitive and practical. You can make your intuitions, feelings and impressions about things useful in practical affairs. You have a deep sense of the truth and an ability to face facts. This is a combination that depends heavily on discrimination and analytical insights into affairs; you are naturally versatile, flexible and highly adaptable, but you have the innate ability to keep your mind on whatever you are doing. While you may have serious intent and considerable ambition, you don’t seem to take yourself too seriously. You do best in professions that don’t demand much in the way of exercising authority. Efficiency and precision are the keynotes of your nature and of your mind. You have little difficulty guiding your activity to avoid mistakes and unnecessary errors. Particular and somewhat fastidious, you show good taste in dress as well as in your choice of words. Happiness depends on maintaining balance between the emotional and mental sides of your nature, avoiding the tendency to alternate between sympathy and coolness of response. You do good things quietly and with little fuss, stressing conscientiousness and a subdued conviction. You live sanely and calmly, achieving success through the exercise of intelligence.

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